Buick case,Case Example

Buick case

 The standard configuration of Buick Envision has four airbags on the right, which are the driver's/passenger's seat airbag and the front side airbag;
The higher configuration models are also equipped with front/rear head airbags.

How to use the Buick Envision airbag:

1. The airbag must be used together with the seat belt. If the seat belt is not fastened properly, even if there is an airbag, it may cause serious injury or even death in a collision.

2. Maintain a suitable distance from the airbag when riding.

3. Do not place items in front, above, or near the airbag, and be careful not to place items in front, above, or near the airbag, as these items may hinder airbag inflation or be ejected in an emergency, causing greater danger.

4. To ensure that the safety airbag truly plays a safe role, drivers and passengers must develop good driving and riding habits, and ensure that the chest is kept at a certain distance from the steering wheel.

5. To avoid high temperatures, the components of the airbag device should be properly stored and not allowed to be stored for a long time in high temperature environments above 85 degrees Celsius.

6. Non professional personnel are not allowed to make arbitrary changes.